Locksmith Services And Chipped Keys

Things To Know About Locksmith Services and Service Technicians

With technological advances in the automotive industry, locksmith services have evolved to meet the challenges faced when individuals lose or damage keys to the newer types of locking mechanisms in vehicles. Those new systems utilize what are called “chipped keys” or “magnetic coupled transponder systems.” Unlike systems in older cars, the newer systems create many challenges for locksmith professionals.

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Chipped keys were deemed the most suitable solution when auto thefts reached an all-time high several years ago. With the older systems, thieves found an easy target because regular keys were easy to copy and consoles did not even require keys when screwdrivers were used to strip gears. Today’s cars and trucks are made with unique systems that include an immobilizer. In essence, if the transponder sends the wrong signal the vehicle will not start.

The magnetic couple transponders, or chipped keys, do not require a power source of their own. Operating within 1-15 cm, they have a very short transmission range with a radio frequency of about 125 kHz. As with other radio frequencies, that means they can penetrate many materials such as the plastic casing that houses most keys. Once the key is inserted into the ignition, it sends out an electromagnetic field of energy that powers the chip. The chipped key works by sending messages electronically to disarm the system. The chip then emits the necessary signals to other electronic components in the vehicle that allows the vehicle to start. The greatest advantage of this system is that it is very difficult to defeat.

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Professional locksmiths today are trained in subject matter relevant to the workings of the chipped key system. As a result, they are capable of copying, duplicating, or making keys that are appropriate for each make and model of vehicle on the road today. As opposed to popular belief, even if an individual has lost, misplaced, or damaged a chipped key, it is possible for a locksmith service technician to get an individual back on the road in no time.

When the need arises, a locksmith professional will arrive within a matter of minutes. By having already researched service providers in the area and selecting the best fit based on individual needs, a quick call will result in the arrival of a friendly face that is eager to help and who will ensure that the inconvenience caused by any mishap is as short-lived as possible.